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Quilt Pressing Instructions To Make The Perfect Quilt

Posted by admin on June 20th, 2014 in Quilting 101 with 1 Comment


First of all, make sure you use the iron on the seam itself that you just sewed. Do not open it! Press it with the wrong side up just as you sewed it. This sets the threads in the seam with the heat.


Secondly, press the seam with the wrong side up. Press the fabrics to the dark side of your fabric. This is so the pressing doesn’t s

how on the light side. You can also do a finger press if you have a small seam to save a little bit of time. But, pressing with iron is really the best way to do if you can. It gives it that nice clean crisp look each time and when you put your project together the seams are so much easier to match up if you press as you go.
To finish your project or block, flip over your fabric and press again on the right side. This again seals everything and you for sure now have the clean crisp look that you want for a finished quilt.

Questions or comments: Please email me. I would love to hear your thoughts on pressing and how you feel about pressing.

One response to “Quilt Pressing Instructions To Make The Perfect Quilt”

  1. reggie regenold says:

    Your quilt pressing instructions are excellent and very easy to understand. thank you. and merry christmas