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The Key To Having The Perfect Quilt

Posted by admin on June 10th, 2014 in Quilting 101 with Comments Off on The Key To Having The Perfect Quilt


Do you ever look at your quilt and think something is just not right or that it just doesn’t look like the picture you were trying to create? Your problem possibly may be your pressing. Do you iron your seams or do you “press” your seams? There is a big difference between ironing and pressing. Bet you never thought about it. Well, ironing means you press from side to side in motion and not stop and hold the iron for a couple of seconds.  This basically removes the wrinkles on things. Pressing, on the other hand, is totally different from ironing. Pressing means you lift the iron in an up and down motion and not move from side to side.  It’s just up and down movements.

If you pressing a seam you put the iron down on the seam, hold it, then lift it up. Read More…