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To Border or Not To Border

Posted by admin on February 4th, 2015 in Quilting Tips with 2 Comments
Quilts for the most part take quite a bit of time and also effort (Yes! effort) to make. By the time you finish all of your cutting, piecing and sewing, you are usually ready to be done with it. But, are you done?!! Think about it. Does it need that one extra touch of a “border”?? Well, not every quilt really needs a border. But – again – how can you tell or how do you know what you should do?
OK, this is where I am going to throw out some suggestions for you. Start by laying out strips on the sides and bottom of your quilt and see if you like it. Try different widths and different colors.  In other words, audition different sizes and pieces. Sometimes certain colors will make the whole quilt just pop when you put a great border on it.
Sometimes you might need two strips for the border. You can do a “skinny” and “fat” or two of “skinny” or two of “fat”. Just play around with it and see what looks good to you. Don’t sew it on until you are absolute sure you like it. By adding the border you have added the “icing” on the cake – shall we say.  It just seems to finish your quilt completely. The border also adds a little extra length and width to your quilt as well. In the next couple of weeks I will be discussing some of the different borders that you can do. This might help you decide whether you want to add that finishing touch or not.

Remember:  You didn’t do all that work just to put it in a UFO pile.

2 responses to “To Border or Not To Border”

  1. ruth cassidy says:

    I received my beautiful order through ebay with your letter full of wonderful information Thank you so much for sending me to this sight. I will pass it along.