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Tools You Need for a Good Quilt

Posted by admin on March 24th, 2015 in Uncategorized with Comments Off on Tools You Need for a Good Quilt
I would like to talk about some tools that are needed to make a really good quilt. I know you know the mundane stuff but have you ever thought about the tools you really need. You have scraps laying around that would work. OK – how do you cut them?
First tool – a really good, sharp pair of scissors. Do you just grab a pair of scissors laying around to cut your fabric?
Do they kind of chop away at the fabric? You need a pair of scissors that is NEVER used for anything but cutting fabric. Some people use the same scissors that cut paper with – that’s a big NO-NO!! Paper contains wood – that dulls the scissors real quick. Have a nice sharp pair put aside just for cutting your fabrics, be it a quilt pattern or a sewing pattern. Don’t let ANYONE touch your scissors – no if, ands, or buts!
The second thing you need for quilting purposes is a good rotary cutter and board. To do quilting it is much easier to use a rotary cutter as opposed to scissors sometimes. The rotary cutter does great lines and a lot quicker than trying to cut with scissors. To use your rotary cutter, you will a rotary cutter board and a ruler. You really don’t need that big of a board to start, just a small one.
The rotary cutter makes a deep cut when you use it so you really need the board. The ruler is line up your fabric for cutting. Line it up where you want to cut and just roller your cutter. And you are done cutting! Actually it’s a quick time saver for you also.
Hopefully this will help you on your way to starting your quilt.

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